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Lost Ark Heroes of Arkesia

After initially pitching to work on only one of the short films - Motif were awarded the opportunity to help produce all five, and assisted Laundry in delivering over 130 shots in record-breaking time to showcase the exciting characters for the launch of ‘Lost Ark’ - a massive multiplayer online game series releasing in North America this Spring.


ECD: PJ Richardson
ECD: Tony Liu
EP: James Sweigert
EP: Matthew Primm
Head of Production: Pip Malone
Producer: Karla Sylvester
Coordinator: AJ Goodman
Coordinator: Gabriel Gerard
Production Assistant: Nick Scandura
Senior Art/Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Concept Artist: Joshua Harvey
Concept Artist: Siobhan Keenan
Concept Artist:Yuying Herr
Concept Artist: Kathie Yang
Concept Artist: Gregory Mitchell
Layout Artist: Brian E. Miller
3D Modeler: Kris Kelly
3D Generalist: Jason Mackay
3D Generalist: Joe Dela Torre
3D Generalist: Peter Anderson
3D Animator: Kaitlyn Moe
Compositor/VFX: Brian Castleforte
Compositor: Chiara Zonca
Storyboard Artist: Nick Diaz


EP: Roger Smythe
Producer: Kelsey Kalder


Creative Director/Animation Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Craig Parker
Producer: Jacques Bock
3D Artist: Andre Janse van Vuuren
Lead Animator: Linda Middleton
Animator/Compositor: Galeed Majiet
Compositor: Demi-ray Goldberg
Rigger: Wynand Lens
Animator: Heidi Stohr
Animator: Gareth Wing

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